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KS23 – Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling


I’m incredibly thrilled to share that my lockdown self-portrait work “Eye of the beholder” has passed the 3rd (physical) round of censoring, and has thus been accepted for KS23 – Kunstnernes Sommerudstilling (the Danish Artists’ Summer Exhibition 2023).
It will be exhibited at JANUS – Vestjyllands Kunstmuseum from June 17th – August 6th.
Another work made it to the 3rd round too, but wasn’t a finalist.
It’s an honour to be chosen among the 1647 received works, and I’m super grateful for the opportunity.

Website: KS23 – JANUS – Vestjyllands Kunstmuseum

Exhibitions during NFTNYC 2023


“Morpheus’ Spell” will be featured by Obscura at The Lower Draw Gallery during NFTNYC 2023, selected from more than 1000+ submissions.
Location: 134 Eldridge St. April 12th

“Jupiter and Io” will be shown in the official NFTNYC Community Artist Showcase, chosen among 3000+ submissions.
Location: North Javits, Hudson Yards. April 12th-14th

“The Returning” was selected for the Tezos Art Connect exhibition in NFTNYC, hosted by Victoria West and curated by Laurence Fuller under the theme ‘Cinematic Art’.
Location: The NFT Gallery, 88 Clinton Street. Tuesday, April 11th

“Second Skin” and “Metamorphosis” were exhibited as part of the Babylon pop-up exhibition on April 12th-13th.
Location: Ideal Glass Studios 9 West 8th Street

Le Carrousel du Louvre, Paris


I’m beyond excited to share that my video genesis work “The Returning” will be exhibited at Le Carrousel Du Louvre as part of Paris Blockchain Week 2023. This exhibition will be the only art exhibition during the event!

Huge thanks to NFTUK for the opportunity and the wonderful curation!

‘The sea that connects us, divides us and is part of us
The longing to return, to become a part of whence we came
Even if just for a short while
We are born with salt in our blood
Creatures of the water’
(original poem)

This work was Inspired by the ocean surrounding the small island where we live. An ever-present entity shaping the lives of us all, influencing the light, the sounds and the air we breathe, sometimes out of sight, but always at the edge of our thoughts and ideas.

Created on the Danish island of Ærø, January 2023, water temperature 6ºC

Le Grand Palais Éphémère, NFT Paris


Such an amazing experience to be part of second edition of NFT Paris, a crypto art event held in the prestigious Grand Palais Éphémère.
“Mimicry” was displayed as part of the Light Art Alpha Collection exhibit at the main event, 24th-25th of February 2023.

“Mimicry” (Self-portrait, 2017)

Mimicry is the biological concept where species (e.g. a butterfly) try to mimic either a more dangerous or a non-threatening species, to avoid predation. Mimicry has many forms, and its classification is often based on function with respect to the mimic (e.g. avoiding harm). Defensive or protective mimicry takes place when an organism is able to avoid harmful encounters by deceiving enemies into treating them as something else (thus literally hiding in plain sight).

This work was created partly based on my experiences of working as one of very few women in a highly competitive and male dominated area during my PhD in evolutionary botany.


Digital Art New Year 2023, Beijing


It’s a great pleasure to share that my work “Locked Away IV” will be exhibited in China for the #DANY2023 event on New Years Eve. Grateful to Ellen Xu for this opportunity.

DANY2023 is a teaser for the amazing year of digital creativity that 2023 promises to be. It’s a show of diversity and inclusiveness, it is the biggest New Year art event in China. The exhibition showcased everyone’s artwork on a 12-meter high Giant LED and promoted by Neal Digital Gallery.

“Locked Away IV” was created during the first covid lockdown, to express the internal feeling of being restricted and locked away. Exhibited in Copenhagen at Gallery Øckenlund as part of my Ruminations series and awarded in the 2020 International Photography Award + The Fotonostrum Lockdown Award.


SCOPE Art Fair Miami w. Light Art and Monolith Gallery


What a treat to see “Summer with Nemo” exhibited at maxi size at the SCOPE Art Fair during Art Basel Miami!
An incredible display courtesy of Light.Art, Monolith Gallery, MetaJungleNFT, GuyNorcal and Jean-Michel Paillon.


Art Basel Miami w. The Royal House of Medici


I’m proud and honoured to announce that I’ll be part of the inaugural NFT collection of The Royal House of Medici during Art Basel Miami with my newest artwork “Jupiter and Io”, created specifically for this event.

Inspired by Coreggio’s painting of Jupiter’s secretive seduction of Io, priestess of Juno and daughter of the river god Inachus, this work offers a more female-empowering and sensitive interpretation of the story.

Here Io is purposefully depicted on her own, a figure of contemplation and strength, mesmerized and drawn by the allure of the dark clouds (representing a stormy and possibly illegal love).

As a subtle counter-note, the dark cat appears at her side, both witchy protector and a symbol of emotional strength and female sexuality.

Where: Exclusive exhibition at Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel, Miami, open to the public from Nov 30 – Dec 04