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Exhibitions during NFTNYC 2023

By April 12, 2023August 9th, 2023News

“Morpheus’ Spell” will be featured by Obscura at The Lower Draw Gallery during NFTNYC 2023, selected from more than 1000+ submissions.
Location: 134 Eldridge St. April 12th

“Jupiter and Io” will be shown in the official NFTNYC Community Artist Showcase, chosen among 3000+ submissions.
Location: North Javits, Hudson Yards. April 12th-14th

“The Returning” was selected for the Tezos Art Connect exhibition in NFTNYC, hosted by Victoria West and curated by Laurence Fuller under the theme ‘Cinematic Art’.
Location: The NFT Gallery, 88 Clinton Street. Tuesday, April 11th

“Second Skin” and “Metamorphosis” were exhibited as part of the Babylon pop-up exhibition on April 12th-13th.
Location: Ideal Glass Studios 9 West 8th Street