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Rome Art Week, Mecenate Art Gallery


I’m incredibly excited to announce that I’ll be exhibiting “Rite de passage” as part of the Immutably Art exhibition at the Mecenate Fine Art Gallery during Rome Art Week. The exhibition features a score of incredible artists and friends like Jenni Pasanen, Andrés Zigelboim, Laurence Fuller, Claire Silver, DVKtheartist and more.

When: Rome Art Week 25 -29 October, 2022

Where: Via Benzoni 22, Rome

Curated by August Rosedale and DVKtheartist


New York Fashion Week w. The Royal House of Medici


Such an honour to be part of the launch of The Royal House of Medici entry into web3 and the world of blockchain art.

“Heart’s Whisper” was exhibited as part of the UNREVEALED New York Fashion Week Gathering with The Royal House of Medici™ & The Gold Mask Society

“The Royal House of Medici™ will usher in the Digital Renaissance with contemporary artists, both digital and physical, invited to interpret classic works and the philosophy of Humanism as NFTs.” – Ottaviano de’ Medici, The Grand Duke of  Tuscany, Chairman and Co-Founder, The Royal House of Medici™.



Wonder Fair 4.0 – NFTNYC

I was super grateful to have two works from my series “Dryads – The tree-bound” included in The Wonder Fair 4.0 @wonderfair_art gallery popup event during NFTNYC.
The event “Natural Intelligence” was a 4-day, immersive, outdoor art experience, featuring the works of 40+ digital artists, live music and DJ sets, speaker panels, performance and live art, experimental programming and more across Waterline Square.
An altogether amazing event, with the featured artworks shown on a 32-foot stadium screen!
Where: Waterline Square Park, 20.-23. June

Complicit exhibition – NFTNYC

Very proud that “Morpheus’ spell” was exhibited at the Complicit x NFTNYC, a curated NFT photography exhibition organized by Matthew Morocco.
Wednesday 22th June, 6 – 9pm

American Copper Buildings Sky Bridge

East Tower

626 1st Ave NYC

18th Julia Margaret Cameron Award


I was so lucky to have both a series and two single works be awarded an honourable mention in the Fine Art section of the 18th Julia Margaret Cameron Award (part of the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards). It’s always such an honour to have my work highlighted like this.

“Saint Agnes’ Flower” and “Ophelia’s dream” both won as single images, and my series “Preserved Beauty” won in the series category.

British Journal of Photography – Edition365


I’m finally allowed to tell that I’m super proud to have been selected a winner of the British Journal of Photography project ‘Edition 365’ in collaboration with!!

My work “Eye of the beholder” will be represented in the exhibition: “Edition365: A portrait of the year that changed everything”.

About Edition 365

Traversing tales of love, loss, hope, and solidarity, the exhibition is a once-in-a-century time-capsule, conceived to stand as a historical reference for decades to come.
All the works in Edition 365 was created between 11/3/20 (when WHO announced a global pandemic) and 10/3/21;365 days embodied in 365 works of art, captured by a vast and dynamic array of both established and emerging creators, from all around the world.
Each individual work included in Edition365 will be available to own as an NFT. One collector will also be able to own the entire virtual exhibition itself.
My work is presented in Room 1.

17th Julia Margaret Cameron Award


So this is exciting! My in-progress series “Dryads – The Treebound” has just won an honourable mention in the Fine Art section of the 17th Julia Margaret Cameron Award (part of the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards). It’s such an honour to have it highlighted like this. Huge thanks to FotoNostrum and the jurors Laura Noble of L A Noble Gallery and online gallerist Jennie Rickets!

Link to larger images in my portfolio:
About the series: The ancient Greek stories of the dryads are full of drama, beauty and anthropomorphised ways of explaining the mythical or inexplicable in the natural world. The dryads were honoured as semi-godlike female spirits inhabiting trees and groves, often bound in such a way that their life itself was tied to the life of the trees.
Creating this project around the dryads is for me a way to lift the stories into our time, and remind people that our lives are equally bound to the life of the natural world. We as humans need to wake up to the fact that we have become reliant upon natural resources to the point of destroying the foundation of what we need to live.
I wish to emphasise the mysterious, sometimes slightly eerie sensation you experience within older forests – when it feels like everything is alive, and someone might be watching.
The aim is to create a range of scenes from the peaceful or idyllic to the dark and haunted, drawing inspiration from classical paintings of the nymphs, as well as from descriptions in Ovid’s “Metamorphoses” and texts from the Greek Mythology.

FotoNostrum Magazine feature


I had the opportunity to talk a bit about my practice, inspiration and more in the 17th installment of FotoNostrum Magazine.

“In my creative practice, I often work from the inside out, meaning that I may start with a vivid dream, dark fears, strong emotions, or old memories that have surfaced, and then I find a way to express this in a way that will make sense both to me and to others.”
Read the full article in FotoNostrum Magazine here:…/issue-no…/full-view.html… on page 84-95

Økant Performance Festival 2021

Ærø’s first performance festival – July 10-12 2021 in Marstal.
Copenhagen based performance company Woo collective and Ærø based Marstal Art have invited artists from across Denmark to develop and perform new site specific artworks inspired by the harbour of Marstal.
Representing Ærø in 2021 are Susanne and Mads Paluszewski-Hau and Maria Fynsk Norup.
(you can see the full list of artists as well as the program at or on the event Facebook page)
Maria Fynsk Norup will be installing her exhibition “Ocean of Memories” in the old bus terminal on the harbour featuring several works created specifically to the site. She will be playing with the expression and tactility of the photographs by e.g. presenting works printed on a gauzy cotton-silk material, fragmented images and alternative hangings. ‘Ocean of Memories’ is an invitation to dive into the artist’s inner ocean of images, and can be experienced as a physical manifestation of a walk through the floating world of memories.
The exhibition is open Saturday, Sunday and Monday 10.-12- July from 11-17. You have to have a valid festival pass to enter.
About the exhibition (from the Danish programme):

Ocean of Memories (2021)

Fotograf og visuel kunstner, Maria Fynsk Norup, præsenterer udstillingen Ocean of Memories, hvor flere af værkerne er skabt direkte til udstillingsstedet. Udstillingen er skabt med inspiration fra vores forbundethed med vandet, både fysisk og billedligt samt måden hvorpå minder og bevidstheder flyder op til overfladen og følger strømmen. 

Norup leger med fotografiets udtryk og taktilitet ved bl.a. at præsentere værker trykt på florlet bomuld-silke, fragmenterede billeder og alternative ophængninger. Ocean of Memories er en invitation til at dykke ned i kunstnerens indre hav af billeder og kan opleves som en fysisk manifestation af at gå ind i mindernes flydende verden.