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Le Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

By March 21, 2023August 8th, 2023News

I’m beyond excited to share that my video genesis work “The Returning” will be exhibited at Le Carrousel Du Louvre as part of Paris Blockchain Week 2023. This exhibition will be the only art exhibition during the event!

Huge thanks to NFTUK for the opportunity and the wonderful curation!

‘The sea that connects us, divides us and is part of us
The longing to return, to become a part of whence we came
Even if just for a short while
We are born with salt in our blood
Creatures of the water’
(original poem)

This work was Inspired by the ocean surrounding the small island where we live. An ever-present entity shaping the lives of us all, influencing the light, the sounds and the air we breathe, sometimes out of sight, but always at the edge of our thoughts and ideas.

Created on the Danish island of Ærø, January 2023, water temperature 6ºC