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Art Basel Miami w. The Royal House of Medici

By November 30, 2022August 8th, 2023News

I’m proud and honoured to announce that I’ll be part of the inaugural NFT collection of The Royal House of Medici during Art Basel Miami with my newest artwork “Jupiter and Io”, created specifically for this event.

Inspired by Coreggio’s painting of Jupiter’s secretive seduction of Io, priestess of Juno and daughter of the river god Inachus, this work offers a more female-empowering and sensitive interpretation of the story.

Here Io is purposefully depicted on her own, a figure of contemplation and strength, mesmerized and drawn by the allure of the dark clouds (representing a stormy and possibly illegal love).

As a subtle counter-note, the dark cat appears at her side, both witchy protector and a symbol of emotional strength and female sexuality.

Where: Exclusive exhibition at Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel, Miami, open to the public from Nov 30 – Dec 04