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FotoNostrum Lockdown photo competition

By February 26, 2021September 1st, 2021News
I made it as a Fine Art finalist with this image from my 2020 lockdown series “Locked Away” in the FotoNostrum x Worldwide Photography Gala Awards ‘Lockdown Competition’ and has been published in issue 12 of FotoNostrum Magazine (
A HUGE thanks to the jurors and editors!
Text from the magazine:
“As the world faced the first lockdowns and we all entered into the unknown, artists started to document what a day in 2020 was like for them. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, months of isolation and confusion.
Art has had to reinvent and question itself in ways we had not imagined before. From the digitalization of mediums to capturing everyday images from one’s immediate proximity, artists faced unprecedented technical, financial, and artistic challenges.
Photography, whether it be fine art or documentary, changed drastically in the year 2020. The Lockdown competition was launched during the first wave of COVID 19, receiving
images dated between January 23, 2020 (when the lockdown started in China), and the submission date.
The thousands of images received from all over the world showed a common pattern of creativity, emotions and commotions. The images speak for themselves, no captions are necessary, and in the respective statements of the submitting artists, some words were repeated over and over again: Self-isolation, Restriction, Boredom, Loneliness, Stress, Bubble, Tolerance, Mutual help, Anxiety, Fear, Introversion, Silence, Emotions, Commotion, Escape, Reality, Surreal, Monotony, Vulnerability.”

The winners are:

Documentary Winner AREK RATAJ from Silesia, Poland

Fine Art Winner FABIEN RUYSSEN from Brussels, Belgium.

Runners Up in the Fine Art Section: ROCIO VILLANUEVA from Guatemala, Guatemala and MARGARITA MAVROMICHALIS from Athens, Greece.

Finalists Documentary Section: Bruke Marew, Elliot Ross, Giulia Mozzini, Hermann Bredehorst, Joice Kreiss, Kelley Dallas, Michelle Sank, Mikhail Lebedev and Sigrid Debusschere.

Finalists Fine Art Section: Abhijit Bose, Bert Daenen, Cory Graham, Diane Fenster, Emmanuel Faure, Enda Burke, Henri T., Jacob Morell, John Keogh, Juile Stoermer, Julie de Waroquier, Marcus Edwards, Maria Fynsk Norup, Mariapia Bracchi, Marita Gootee, Olivia Fernandez, Ricardo Sandoval, Susan Brandt Graham, Todd Bradley and Zsófia Daragó.

We congratulate the winners, runners up and finalists for an excellent, creative and bold artwork. All awarded artwork, including finalists, will be exhibited at the FotoNostrum Gallery in Barcelona, in late 2021, in a date to be determined according to the evolution of the safe travel conditions.