The incidental wreath

By December 11, 2015Making, Seasonal

christmas wreath, copyright Maria Fynsk NorupLast week we were in Copenhagen. Our first visit back there since we moved to Ærø in July. The kids went along, with mixed feelings, as we were going to be away at the start of December, and hence would miss the start of the Christmas fun (pixie presents, setting up the Christmas tree etc.) in their school and kindergarden respectively. But looking forward to seeing their maternal grandmother and their nephews, uncle and aunt as well (my brother lives in Copenhagen too). And (not least) looking forward to a visit to the holiday decked-up Tivoli gardens. Lots of plans for both the kids and for us parents, some solidified, some possibilities, as is often the case when travelling as a family and things can happen and ruin the best laid plans.

And indeed – things happened, and our week there didn’t go entirely as planned. The first flu of the year hit us hard, one at a time, and thus we spent quite some time indoors at my mother’s house. What to do? Well, baking, jam making and woven Christmas paper hearts and cones happened. And I kickstarted the seasonal wreath-making with what was at hand, which meant forcing some almost-dried-out evergreen branches into a sweet smelling (albeit a little prone to needle-shedding) wreath for my mother.

christmas wreath, copyright Maria Fynsk Norupchristmas wreath, copyright Maria Fynsk Norupchristmas wreath, copyright Maria Fynsk Norup


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