Not all who wanders are lost

trees, Sunday at Vitsø Ærø
A much used quote, I know – but it just seemed so apt for our foggy walk around Vitsø lake the other week. We were literally enveloped in fog the entire walk, a 6 km stretch on the path along the lake shores – which took us a good 3 hours to walk with four kids in tow.

Vitsø wanderings 2 Maria Fynsk Norup
My good friend and fellow Ærø-based photographer Camilla Jørvad had agreed to meet us there with her two kids, and we set out in high spirits, enjoying the foggy beauty and the children’s good mood. In retrospect however, we have decided that we wont dare a long walk like that without a lunchpack, hot tea and a good break halfway! 

Sunday at Vitsø Ærø
Our girls have walked this route with us a few years back on a summer vacation on Ærø, and knew that the trail is also a (very child friendly) Geocache route laid out by locals, so they charged ahead, trying to remember where the treasures (caches) were hidden. With great foresight my husband had brought a few marbles to exchange in the caches, so they did end up bringing home a few new treasures.

But they kept up remarkably well, I’d say to their praise, only tiring on the last few kilometers. In clearer weather we would have been able to see the old mill at the starting/end point, but we couldn’t point it out to the kids in the heavy fog, so “trust us, we’re there soon” had to suffice. That – and the promise of chocolate when we reached the car again!
don't look at the lights, Sunday at Vitsø Ærø
Vitsø is a bird reserve, and we could hear the birds through the fog, out of sight somewhere on the other side of the reeds..

Vitsø wanderings 1 Maria Fynsk Norup
The heavy fog was swirling and clinging to everything from cattails to beards <3

two trees; Sunday at Vitsø Ærø
Vitsø wanderings 6 Maria Fynsk Norup
the kids, Sunday at Vitsø Ærø
A much needed rest for tiny legs along the way.

Sunday at Vitsø Ærø
Those silent waters….

Sunday at Vitsø Ærø
Vitsø wanderings 5 Maria Fynsk Norup
Reeds everywhere – pretty backdrops for both human and botanical portraits ;)

Sunday at Vitsø Ærø
All photos shot with Sony a7 mark II and Zeiss 24-70mm

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