Childhood timecapsules

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gone fishing - copyright Maria Fynsk Norup

“Sunsets, like childhood, are viewed with wonder not just because they are beautiful but because they are fleeting.”
― Richard Paul Evans

{ Capturing childhood }

Childhood, that ephemeral state that you think back on with nostalgia as a grown-up, and which you hardly notice as something special when you’re still a child. That is as it should be I’m sure – and in a way it’s then up to us parents to make sure that our kids have something great to look back at with fondness when they in turn grow up.

My parents were really good at documenting our lives while I grew up, filling album after album with photos of our vacations, excursions and daily life. I used to love sitting on the floor, flicking through those albums – and especially seeing those images of myself (a way to measure and compare how much I’d grown up, remembering more acutely that precise moment, or feeling the time that had passed maybe?).

#backsfeel portrait of me from Alhambra Spain circa 1985

#backsfeel portrait of me from Alhambra, Spain circa 1985

Even though we hardly own any hardcopy images or albums filled with images of our girls, I can see the same tendency in our girls. When looking through our image galleries on the computer or phone (or looking at Instagram) they always want to linger the longest at the captures of themselves (or cute cats, rabbits and dogs of course…). So aside from my own inherent need to capture them, I have that extra reason to keep my camera out of the bag when the girls are around <3 (And if you happen to follow me on Instagram you will have noticed that they do tend to figure quite often).

Being little(ish) still, being with them and around them constitute such a large part of our everyday life (I’m suspecting that’ll change when they hit the double digit ages and start to roam around more without their parents…) – and they are thankfully still willing subjects in front of my camera. So for now I snap away, soaking up lovely moments for later years….

{ Capturing childhood in moving images }

A few weeks ago I started a mini film course (the Makefilms course with talented Xanthe Berkeley). I’ve long been wanting to start learning how to work with moving images, and now the timing was just right. Turns out I’m loving it! Especially the combination of music and video makes great sense to me. True, it’s a bit of a learning curve (I’ve double challenged myself with learning to use both iMovie and Adobe’s Premiere Pro) – but aside from actually learning a new skill (yay!!) I really treasure the results we get from the weekly challenges.
Last week’s challenge was ‘Video Portraits’ – and I already know that this childhood timecapsule of Emilia at 8 and 3/4 is something I will add to my treasure trove of cherished moments – and hopefully something she will look back at fondly too. Highly recommended!

Are you already making video timecapsules og working with moving images? What do you do to preserve the best moments?Please leave a comment and let me know, as I’m keen for more inspiration!

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