Hosta in the rain; copyright Maria Fynsk Norup

The long, amazing spell of warm summer days that we have enjoyed during the last month or so have left the fields and gardens gasping for rain. And while I am definitely a sun-loving creature (ask anyone who knows me well, and they’d concur that I do not thrive in the cold) – I also love the plant diversity that is possible in a not-too-dry climate. So I rejoice with the plants when the summer rain falls.

This morning I pampered myself with a break from work and the long pre-moving to-do list, and snuck out on a plant safari in the still-wet garden…

After the rain-fig-cat copyright Maria Fynsk Norup

after the rain - Fatsia japonica - copyright Maria Fynsk Norup Fatsia japonica (Japanese Aralia)

After the rain hosta ground elder copyright maria fynsk norup Ground Elder and Hosta

Ficus - copyright Maria Fynsk Norup The figs are ripening, but there’s still a way to go..

after the rain wonderland cat copyright maria fynsk norup Guarding the portal to Narnia

Hosta galore copyrigth Maria Fynsk Norup Raindrop Hosta love

After the rain swings and aquilegia copyright maria fynsk norup Hung up to dry and waiting for the summer holidays to begin..

Rain barrel reflections | copyright maria fynsk norup Water barrel reflections

evergreen | copyright Maria Fynsk Norup Spiky-licious

drop it | copyright maria fynsk norup Just Drop It

After the rain philadelphus and hosta | copyright maria fynsk norup The heavy-scented Philadelphus… and yet another Hosta (sorry, they’re just too photogenic).

Busybodies on St. John's Wort Busybodies on St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforata)

fatsia japonica | copyright maria fynsk norup Mini umbrella (Fatsia japonica)

All images shot with Sony a7ii + Zeiss 24-70mm 4.0 or Sigma 105mm 2.8

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