Hello, I’m Maria!

Photographer, visual storyteller, botanist, island dweller, utter romantic

Storytelling, words and images have a deep connection in my world. “An image can say more than a 1000 words” is a popular quote ~ which is often true! But even more, I love the connection and deeper meaning that words and images create together. Therefore, when I write a caption for a photograph, it can be just as meaningful as the photo itself. Or even layer on a deeper (or different) meaning. Visual journalling and photo stories are areas I am currently striving to make a bigger part of my everyday work.

When I have time, I also blog, to let my love of words seep into my visual universe here. I have blogged professionally for many years about everything from kids, tech and interior design at babybusiness.dk, geekgirlmag.dk and lately the largest Danish interior design blog boligcious.dk. But this is the first time it is truly personal! In my journal I blog mainly about photography, travel, and our life here on the island.

I am a 100% autodidact photographer and designer, with a M.Sc. in (tropical) Botany ~ something that can’t help but shine through in my images and creations, due to my big love for the great outdoors, plants, gardens and nature in general.

My inborn visual aestethic and focus is something I apply naturally in my photography, as well as when I help my clients with web and graphic design. To me, a job is not complete until it is beautiful and coherent in all aspects.

Maria Fynsk Norup - photo: Camilla Jørvad

Photo: Camilla Jørvad – www.camillajorvad.com

Copyright Maria Fynsk Norup

From city life to country life

I’m lucky to be married to my best friend, with whom I have two lovely daughters. In 2015 we decided to leave our busy life in Copenhagen and move to our ‘secret spot’ here in Denmark – the beautiful island of Ærø in the South Funen archipelago (in the Baltic Sea, just North of the German coast). We wanted a life with less stress, more room for living and a closer contact with nature.

Previously I’ve lived in London and Rome (and in Athens too, if only for a couple of months). For me, the change from life in a large capital cities to a slower, rural life on Ærø has been a welcome and needed change of scenery and pace. But no matter where I live, or have lived, my appreciation of the beautiful details around me has remained the same.

Here on Ærø it may be the geese flapping overhead, the dewdrops in the cobwebs or the crooked old houses.

In Copenhagen, London and Rome (and most other larger cities) it is the mixture between the gorgeous architecture, the museums, the life on the streets, the food markets and the green oases.

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