“Maria a self-taught photographer who mixes her passion with botanic studies. Her love for nature and melancholic light is easily spotted in her work aesthetic, mostly inspired from the rural, waterside area where she resides today.”

(from an interview with Supervisual, Nov. 2017)

Hello, I’m Maria

I am a photographer and visual storyteller, originally from Copenhagen, but ‘escaped’ the big city with my family in 2015, and now live by the sea in a restored farmhouse from 1855 on the tiny island of Ærø in the southernmost part of Denmark. This is where many of my images are captured – as well as from travels in DK and abroad.

My work ranges from brand photography, nature and lifestyle shoots, to portrait and conceptual photography. In August 2017 I launched my first fine art print collection ‘Island Moods’, now available on my web shop, as well as in select interior shops.

In my art I always attempt to capture the mood of the moment (be it either mine or the surrounding landscape’s) — or to create the mood I envision (if I’m working on something more conceptual). To be able to make this mood transcend the paper/screen and be felt by the viewer is one of my big goals, and it always makes me giddy when I hear that people are touched by my photos.

I create from a place of authenticity and feeling. Some words that has been used to describe my work are — melancholic mood — vulnerable beauty — aesthetic nature — quiet and presence.

From city life to country life

I’m lucky to be married to my best friend, with whom I have two lovely daughters. In 2015 we decided to leave our busy life in Copenhagen and move to our ‘secret spot’ here in Denmark – the beautiful island of Ærø in the South Funen archipelago (in the Baltic Sea, just North of the German coast). We wanted a life with less stress, more room for living and a closer contact with nature.

Previously I’ve lived in London and Rome (and in Athens too, if only for a couple of months). For me, the change from life in a large capital cities to a slower, rural life on Ærø has been a welcome and needed change of scenery and pace. But no matter where I live, or have lived, my appreciation of the beautiful details around me has remained the same.

Here on Ærø it may be the geese flapping overhead, the dewdrops in the cobwebs or the crooked old houses.

In Copenhagen, London and Rome (and most other larger cities) it is often the mixture between the gorgeous architecture, the museums, life on the streets, the food markets and the green oases.

I truly believe in the power of ‘putting yourself in the way of beauty’. The obvious ones, like sunsets, nature walks, time by the sea or in the garden. Or maybe just noticing the small beautiful moments in your everyday: a steaming mug, a crack in the floor, light streaming through curtains; There is much healing to be found in noticing beauty around us.

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