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~ As the Crow Flies ~

Hosta galore copyrigth Maria Fynsk Norup

After the rain

| Ærø living, Garden, Weather | No Comments

The long, amazing spell of warm summer days that we have enjoyed during the last month or so have left the fields and gardens gasping for rain. And while I am definitely a sun-loving creature (ask anyone who knows me…

Copyright Maria Fynsk Norup

Fickle-minded April..

| Ærø living, Seasonal, Weather | No Comments

Spring seems to be holding its breath right now…. in our garden the hyacinths and magnolias are flowering, the rowan has unfolded its leaves and the apples and pears are just about to pop. But April is and has always…

the crab - copyright Maria Fynsk Norup

Childhood timecapsules

| Living | No Comments

“Sunsets, like childhood, are viewed with wonder not just because they are beautiful but because they are fleeting.” ― Richard Paul Evans { Capturing childhood } Childhood, that ephemeral state that you think back on with nostalgia as a grown-up,…

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